Local Candidate

“Local Candidate” means a candidate who is domiciled in the State of Haryana. The local candidate who seeks employment under this Act may register on the designated portal in the prescribed format.

Any local candidate aggrieved by the action of any employer in violation of any provision of this Act, may file a complaint through electronic mode on the designated portal to the concerned Authorized Officer in the format


Every employer using its Haryana Udhyam Memorandum Identification Number (HUM ID) shall register all its employees, gross monthly salary or wages are not more than thirty thousand rupees by providing the required details of each such employee, in the form as specified on the designated portal within three months of coming into force of this Act.This Act applies to all the Companies, Societies, Trusts, Limited Liability Partnership firms, Partnership Firm and any person employing ten or more persons and an entity, as may be notified by the Government, from time to time.



  • 59971 Total Local Candidates
  • 1782 Total Employers Registered

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